4115 Grove St S St Petersburg FL 33705

Tenant Review

I rented this home (4115 Grove St S St Petersburg FL 33705) from waypoint/Invitation homes for four years. In that time frame my experience in this home was a nightmare. There is a root problem that causes sewage back up in the bathrooms. The A.C leaks caused the roof to cave in the living room. Termite and ant problem in master bedroom and bath. Garage door constantly getting stuck. All of those things are fixable issues if you have a decent landlord.

Waypoint/Invitation homes are slow to fix and quick to evict. In Feb 2017 I received a eviction notice for non payment dating back to Oct of 2016 my account was set up for auto draft I was never informed the draft was not happening. The account I use for my rental payment is totally separate from my everyday account so I had no reason to think they weren’t getting paid. Until I received an eviction notice totally almost 8,000 dollars no call, email or even a 3 day notice. Luckily the money was still in that  account I went to the attorney they use in my area to remove myself from eviction and was told they would not pay the attorney fees even though it was an error on their part. The attorney was nice enough to give me a 50% discount on his fees. He told me that he had 50 evictions from them at the time and thought it was shameful.

It got worst my lease was due for renewal in Aug 2017 I never got a renewal lease I went into the office and asked for a renewal was told I would be contacted by renewal coordinator no call. I paid a month to month fee until Dec 2017 after realizing once again I had no lease and was paying an extra almost 400 dollars a month. Once again I go to my local office this time spoke with the renewal coordinator she told me since it was so close to the new year holiday  I would be emailed a new lease on Jan 2nd instead I received a non renewal notice and that I had until the end of the month to vacate. When I asked with she said due to the history on my account.

My home was listed on Zillow that same day for $328 more a month then I was paying. This left my 3 daughters and myself displaced. I was outraged the history she was referring to was the almost $8000 eviction which I paid although it was an error on their part. The office manager was  a complete jerk he didn’t care I had been a tenant for four years his response was they could get a tenant that will have a better pay history for more money. I hope sharing my experience with this home and company saves a family from the headache.

SOURCE: https://www.safe2rent.com/