Leasing Lifestyle: A Polk County family says they’re worried that sinkholes may be forming in their backyard, but they say their landlord didn’t take their concerns seriously for weeks.

The first hole appeared near a back corner of the home May 29.

It has since been filled with dirt and covered with sod by a landscaper.

Soon, another hole formed nearby, then three more small holes appeared on the other side of the yard in the weeks that followed.

“We sit there and watch the backyard constantly as the holes get a little deeper,” said Brian Taylor, whose family rented the Mulberry home in April.

The first hole that appeared was nearly four feet deep.

“A dog would disappear down inside it before they filled it, for sure,” said Taylor’s stepson Austin.

He discovered three new holes while mowing.

“When I got down to it, I about fell in,” he said.

“These are large holes. They’re soft. Which tells me this is not just one little thing under the ground. There’s something going on in the backyard,” said Taylor.

The family’s landlord, Invitation Homes, rents about 4,000 homes in the Tampa Bay market.

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