Craigslist Scam

Leasing Lifestyle: A man moved into a home listed for rent on Craigslist but when others started coming by looking to rent the same home, he realized not only was it a scam — he was living there illegally.

Duane Hoots moved from Wyoming lured by Denver’s booming economy in hopes of finding a job in construction. When he found a house on Craigslist he wanted to move in immediately.

“He had the code to let me in and he sent me a contract,” said Hoots.

After he responded to the ad, a man claiming to be the landlord sent him a code for the electronic deadbolt.

He exchanged several text messages and phone calls with the man before wiring $3,000 to a woman who said she was his wife. He then packed all his belongings and spent another $1,500 on the move.

“As soon as you’re beat out of your money you become a criminal, I mean I’m criminally staying in this house, it’s not a good thing,” said Hoots.

Hoots still doesn’t know how someone was able to get the deadbolt code.

“I’m not sure how they get the code to the door but they definitely have the codes to the door and anyone evidently anywhere in the world can let you into a house,” said Hoots.

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