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Leasing Lifestyle: Tagged Unsafe – The long weekend turned out to be a very long drawn-out week for an out-of-work single mother of six kids with two dogs who was forced from her problem-plagued leased home in Canyon Country after city inspectors deemed the building unsafe, then yellow-tagged it, allowing only restricted access.

A week of motel hopping took a toll on the struggling mom.

“I try not to cry in front of my kids,” said Tara (Ross) Ardila, noting it was a challenge after she and her kids were displaced Aug. 29.

She wanted the leasing company, Invitation Homes, to make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

And after a week of calls placed to the leasing company by The Signal, the repairs were made and the yellow tag was removed Friday.

“If it hadn’t been for (The Signal) this would have dragged on,” Ardila’s mother, Marina Ross, said Friday.  “As it turned out, (repair) crews got out there and everything got done in a day.”

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